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Tree & Shrub Pruning

Groundshog Lawn and Landscape provides tree and shrub pruning as part of a healthy landscape maintenance plan for customers in Catonsville, Arbutus, Ellicott City, and Baltimore, Maryland. Regular tree and shrub pruning does much more than keep the plants looking manicured and neat. Cutting back dead branches can improve the health and growth of your trees and shrubs too. Removing tree branches that are becoming too close to your home or overhead wiring is also a very important safety concern.

Here are just some of the many reasons to have trees and shrubs pruning performed by a landscape professional like Groundshog Lawn and Landscape:

  • Remove diseased, damaged or dead branches to prevent insects or fungus from moving to healthy areas of the tree or shrub
  • Reduce the thickness of an overhead canopy to allow more sunlight to reach trees and plants below
  • Remove water sprouts and suckers to provide more food and water for the tree and eliminate weaker wood
  • Remove weak or narrow crotches in the tree which can split apart and cause significant damage if left uncorrected
  • Eliminate branches that cross and cause damage by rubbing together in high winds
  • Maintain a natural tree and shrub shape by removing vigorous or erratic branches
  • Keep the overall tree or shrub strong to prevent safety hazards from weaker branches falling during storms or heavy winds
  • Protect your home from branches coming too close to roofs, gutters and overhead wires

While the winter season is often considered the best time of year for tree and shrub pruning, a well-planned landscape maintenance program will monitor your trees and shrubs for health all year long.

Choose Groundshog for Tree and Shrub Pruning, and Complete Landscape Maintenance

Our goal with every landscaping project we undertake is to meet the unique needs of your landscape and complete the project on time and within budget. We strive to earn customers for life, and we’ve found many of our customer continue to recommend our services to their friends and neighbors. Our customers choose us because:

  • We keep it local – we service communities where our families live and grew up
  • Single source for all of your lawn and landscape needs
  • Time-tested estimating for value-based services while working within a budget
  • Coordinated planning for long-term satisfaction when maintaining or installing a landscape
  • Year-round service for all climates and challenges
  • Multiple property discounts, neighborly discounts, friendly discounts
  • Convenient billing options: paper, fax or email
  • Convenient payment options: pay by cash, check or charge. Pay all at once to receive a 10% discount or spread the payments out equally over a 10-12 month period

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I am so pleased! From the beginning Groundshog treated my landscaping needs as a partnership, advising, but also listening to my input.

-Charlie Strouse
Baltimore, Maryland

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