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Tree Removal

If you have a problem tree on your property and you’re considering tree removal, your first step should be to contact an experienced landscape company to evaluate the tree’s condition, possible safety concerns and inform you of the options available to you. Since 1998, Groundshog Lawn and Landscape has been performing tree removal and other landscape services for customers in Catonsville, Arbutus, Ellicott City, and Baltimore, Maryland.

Evaluate the Tree

If you begin to notice dead branches, insect infestation or signs of disease and decay, you should have the tree evaluated as soon as possible, before it becomes a safety concern for your home and family. Some trees may be obvious candidates for tree removal, while others may be suffering from hidden diseases or decay on the inside, where it becomes harder to recognize the potential problem. If you notice any of these problems with your trees, contact Groundshog for an evaluation:

  • Health of tree is declining, with large branches dead or dying
  • Decay or rotting on the main tree trunk
  • Signs of insect infestations
  • Significant storm damage that cannot be repaired or corrected through pruning
  • Tree is too close to structures or overhead lines
  • Roots are in danger of pushing against foundations, walkways, patios or underground utilities such as cable lines and plumbing
  • Tree or branches are leaning towards driveway or house and would be a major hazard if uprooted in a storm

Beyond these major safety considerations, you may require tree removal services because you want to improve your view, allow more sunlight to reach the ground, or because a tree has become a nuisance with seeds, sap, leaves and branches falling on cars, walkways, lawns and roofs.

Safety First

When we take on a tree removal project, the safety of your home and property is our top concern, along with the safety of our own employees. We use state of the art equipment designed specifically for the type of tree removal we’re performing. We follow established safety protocols to ensure the complete safety of our team members and prevent any accidental damage to your property.

Site Cleanup Options

We do our best to have a minimal impact on your surrounding plants, soil and grass when we perform a tree removal. Once the tree is safely downed, we offer several options for disposing of the waste:

  • We can cut logs for firewood and chip small branches into mulch for use in your landscape
  • We can cut the tree as close to the ground as possible and leave stump in place, or remove stump through stump grinding
  • We can completely remove all logs, wood chips and grinding, leaving a plantable surface behind

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I am so pleased! From the beginning Groundshog treated my landscaping needs as a partnership, advising, but also listening to my input.

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