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Spring & Fall Clean-up

Your landscape has different needs during the four seasons, but spring and fall are usually the most demanding seasons for maintenance and clean up. Groundshog Lawn and Landscape offers spring and fall cleanup as a standalone service or as part of a full-service, year-long lawn and landscape maintenance package to customers in Catonsville, Arbutus, Ellicott City, and Baltimore, Maryland.

Spring Cleanup, Fertilizing and Mowing

As your lawn comes out of its winter dormancy period, it is particularly vulnerable to pests and diseases. In addition to leaf raking and removal of fallen branches and debris, we vigorously inspect your entire landscape for signs of pests like moles and grubs, as well as molds and other fungi and diseases. The thatch level of your lawn should also be checked after a long winter, to see if dethatching or aeration would benefit the grass.

Fertilizing during spring is essential, as your lawn and plants will have used much of their nutrient reserves up over the winter. We will apply various fertilizers and nutrients to make sure your soil is well balanced and providing sufficient nutrients to your grass, plants and trees. We also recommend the application of pre-emergents during the spring season to keep grassy weeds like crabgrass from taking hold.

Fall Cleanup, Leaf Removal and Winterization

Fall is a time of rapid change for the landscape, and your lawn is no exception. As the leaves fall and your plants, trees and lawn begin to go into a dormant winter mode, it’s essential to take the correct steps to keep them healthy until spring.

Removing leaves all fall long will allow your lawn and plants to soak up as much sun as the days grow shorter. We recommend that leaves be removed once a week during the peak of fall, to keep your lawn looking neat and healthy.

Heavy summer use can wear down your grass. In high traffic areas, your lawn may benefit from reseeding or overseeding. This will help increase the thickness of your turf come springtime.

Applying fertilizer and winterization treatments during the fall will give your plants and lawn an added nutrient boost to help them make it through long, often dry, winter months.

Our Spring and Fall Cleanup Services are Environmentally Conscious

We recycle 100% of all yard waste as well paper, aluminum, metal, and stone. We practice an integrated pest management program and use the least damaging products to any surfaces. We strive to achieve balance in the landscape with low-maintenance native plantings whenever possible.

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I am so pleased! From the beginning Groundshog treated my landscaping needs as a partnership, advising, but also listening to my input.

-Charlie Strouse
Baltimore, Maryland

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