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Sod Installation

For a lush, picture perfect lawn in a matter of days, sod installation is your best and only option. In some areas of your landscape, and under certain climate conditions, growing grass with seeds may not be a feasible option. Groundshog Lawn and Landscape provide sod installation throughout Catonsville, Arbutus, Ellicott City and Baltimore, Maryland.

Why Choose Sod Installation Over Grass Seed?

Sod grows easier in poor soil

If you’re starting a lawn with seed, you need top quality soil with the correct balance of nutrients to grow grass plants. Fertilizer and proper water management must be perfectly balanced to grow grass seed in poor soil. A sod installation has already established a root system and mature grass plants that can take hold in poorly balanced soil with much less maintenance than grass seed.

Sod is instant and saves you time

If you want a lush, green lawn without the months-long wait of grass seed, a sod installation can be accomplished in a matter of days. The grass plants are already mature, and the root system takes as little as two to four weeks to take hold in your existing soil.

Sod will take root even if the weather doesn’t cooperate

Grass seed needs ideal temperatures and just the right amount of watering to grow, and a single heavy rainstorm can wash everything away. With sod installations, the plants are already hardy enough to survive adverse weather.

Sod prevents washouts and mud tracking

If you’ve ever moved into a new home with no grass in place, you know how much mud will be tracked into your house. Washouts from heavy rain can erode the topsoil and make your yard lumpy and harder to grow seed in. A sod installation immediately corrects both of these problems.

Sod uses less fertilizer and pest control, which saves you money

The initial costs of sod installation are higher than growing grass from seed, but the short term maintenance required to allow grass seeds to take hold is a considerable expense as well. Regular watering, weed killers, fertilizers, and insecticides all cost money, and sod avoids much of these costs.

Sod is grown from superior grass plants

While we only use top quality grass seeds when growing a lawn from seed, sod installations consist of already mature plants that are grown from the very best varieties of grass, so you can be sure your lawn will be thick, green and healthy.

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