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Perennial & Garden Care

Perennial & Garden Care landscaping in BaltimoreA healthy, vibrant flower garden bursting with the colors of the season is one of the most enjoyable aspects of any landscape. Perennial and garden care is a crucial part of the landscaping maintenance service Groundshog Lawn and Landscape provides to customers in Catonsville, Arbutus, Ellicott City, and Baltimore, Maryland.

Perennial and Garden Planting

Choosing the right plants for a particular setting and installing them in the proper way is the biggest single factor involved in perennial and garden care. As an environmentally conscious landscaping company, we strive to use native, low maintenance plants whenever possible. Choosing native perennials will ensure that your plants are equipped for the Maryland weather, and receive the correct amounts of sun, water and nutrients.

An important step in planting is preparing the soil correctly. We excavate the soil to the correct depth, depending on the plant, till the soil in the area and ensure all weeds and grasses have been removed.

We use only the best quality perennials and plants in our installations. Our experienced horticultural experts will suggest a variety of options based on your preferences for plant size, texture, color, flowering and more.

Watering Perennials and Gardens

Water, sun and nutrients are the three main pieces of successful perennial and garden care. While the use of native plants or drought resistant plants can reduce the demands of watering, even the hardiest perennial needs additional watering during the driest months. Proper perennial and garden watering is more than just watering on a regular schedule. We monitor your plants for signs of drought or under watering. Our installations are also designed to make effective use of rain water, and maximize the uptake of water into the soil.

Perennial and Garden Care through Fertilizing

The use of organic compost and additional fertilizers can increase the nutrient levels in the soil of your garden. Perennials usually respond best to top layer use of compost. While the addition of fertilizer is an important aspect in perennial care, it’s crucial to make sure your plants are not over-fertilized. Too much fertilizer will cause perennials to grow excessively tall but produce fewer or no flowers.

Deadheading and Shearing

Removing dead flower heads, or deadheading, not only makes your garden look more vibrant, colorful and manicured, it also encourages plants to produce new flowers. Deadheading can increase the amount of flowers on your plants as well as the length of the bloom season.

By cutting back your plants through shearing stimulates new growth. Shearing results in a more shapely plant that’s denser and healthier rather than straggly and spread out. Some perennials benefit from as much as one-third of the plant being sheared back at midseason.

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