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Leaf Removal

Autumn is a time of major changes for your landscape. Trees and plants begin to drop their leaves as the days grow shorter. Your lawn, shrubs and perennials are beginning the process of going dormant for the winter months, and they need all the sun and nutrients they can get in these final weeks before winter.

If you’ve ever done leaf removal for your landscape yourself, you know what a large task it can be, and how often it must be done. The benefits of leaf removal are much more than the aesthetic appeal of a neat, leaf-free yard. Groundshog Lawn and Landscape incorporates residential mulching into landscape installation and maintenance for our customers in Catonsville, Arbutus, Ellicott City, and Baltimore, Maryland.

Why Leaf Removal is Important

Excessive leaves block sunlight and trap moisture against the surface of your lawn, both of which can be extremely harmful. Fungus, mold and diseases thrive under these conditions and can easily have devastating effects on even a healthy lawn. As the hours of sunlight decrease in the fall, your lawn has less and less time to soak in essential sun before preparing for winter dormancy.

Our Leaf Removal Process

Some landscapes may require only a single fall cleanup session to remove small amounts of leaves and fallen branches. For areas with extensive deciduous trees overhead, more regular leaf removal may be required.

Our landscape crews use a variety of tools including leaf blowers, leaf vacuums and rakes to quickly and efficiently remove leaves from your lawn. We choose the right tool to ensure that plants, grass, mulch beds and soil are not harmed by our leaf removal process.

We take no shortcuts in leaf removal – all leaves will be removed from your property unless leaf mulching and recycling in place is part of our prescribed maintenance and fertilization treatment. As part of our commitment to environmentally conscious landscaping, we recycle 100% of all leaves we remove from your property, to be used as organic compost.

Choose Leaf Removal from Groundshog Lawn and Landscape

When it comes to leaf removal and all the landscape work we perform, Groundshog’s policy is simple: “We’re happy when you’re happy!” We’ll work with you to develop a coordinated landscape maintenance package that meets the demands of your landscape and fits within your budget. We rely on our customers to spread the word about the quality of our landscaping services.

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What Clients Say About Us

I am so pleased! From the beginning Groundshog treated my landscaping needs as a partnership, advising, but also listening to my input.

-Charlie Strouse
Baltimore, Maryland

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