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Flower Enhancements

Enhance your landscape with the vibrant color of flowers. Groundshog Lawn and Landscape will show you a wide variety of flower enhancements suitable for your landscape, including low-maintenance, native perennials. Installation of flower enhancements is just one of the many landscaping services we provide for clients in Catonsville, Arbutus, Ellicott City, and Baltimore, Maryland.

Types of Flowering Enhancements

Flower gardens are typically designed as either a large plot of differing flower types or a flower border that encompasses other landscape elements. There are several types of flowering plants we can use in your landscape:

Perennials last for three or more years and are capable of surviving the winter and flowering anew in the next year. Perennials are an ideal option for long lasting beauty that won’t require replanting every year.

Annuals live from late spring until the first frost in fall, and normally begin blooming early in the season. They provide color all summer long and, with less extensive root systems than perennials, they are better for planting in shallow soil or areas with bad drainage.

Biennials usually take two growing seasons to complete their life cycle and produce flowers. With biennial flower enhancements, new seedlings need to be started every year to bloom.

Flowering Perennials Native to Maryland

Groundshog Lawn and Landscape is committed to environmentally conscious landscaping practices, including the use of native, low-maintenance flower enhancements. Maryland is home to a wonderful variety of beautiful flowering perennials that do well in the East Coast climate and require less maintenance than other non-native plants:

  • Heart-leaved Aster – Bluish purple flowers from August through November
  • White Turtlehead – White to pink flowers in summer and fall
  • Black Cohosh – Long, thin, white flower clusters in summer and fall
  • Mistflower – Lavender flowers bloom in August
  • Common Boneset – Flat, small white flowers in fall
  • Wild Geranium – 1” lavender flowers in spring and summer
  • Eastern Rosemallow – Large 4-6” white-pink flowers with purple bases bloom in fall
  • Dwarf Crested Iris – Pale lavender crested flowers in spring
  • Virginia Blue Flag – blue down curving flowers with yellow bases bloom in late spring
  • Cardinal Flower – bright red flower clusters in fall
  • Lupine – Spikes of lavender flowers in June
  • Virginia Bluebells – Blue, trumpet –shaped flowers in summer and fall
  • Moss Phlox – Trumpet-shaped flowers in red, purple, pink and white
  • Black-eyed Susan – Maryland State Flower, 2-4” bright yellow flowers in summer and fall
  • Wild Stonecrop – Large white petals with sharp points bloom in spring
  • Roughstem Goldenrod – Small strings of yellow flowers bloom August through October

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